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Slate-Lite Self-Adhesive

Slate-Lite Self-Adhesive

Slate-Lite Self-Adhesive is an innovative combination of Slate-Lite material with a high-quality self-adhesive film. The processing of the material is real easy since no adhesives must be used.

The total thickness is 2.5 to 3mm. The thin slate self-adhesive with be edit with regular cutting tools, such as a circular saw or table saw, cut. The material is suitable for indoor wall & floor, but not in wet cells.

Slate-Lite Self-Adhesive adheres to almost all substrates (glass, tile, steel, concrete, plaster, etc.), as long as they are free of grease and dust free.

Download Datasheet Slate-Lite Self-Adhesive

Download Datasheet EcoStone Self-Adhesive

Easy and quick installation

There are no special tool required to work with Slate-Lite Self adhesive!

Cut in to the right size

Remove the film from the back side

Apply the material on the wall

Put pressure with a role on the sheet

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