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How to use

How to work with Translucent

  1. Preperation

    All sheets of Translucent should be spread on a surface to check the vein of the material and be able to sort them to get an evenly distributed lighting effect.

  2. Protection

    To Protect the Natural Stone Surface apply the impregnator with a spounge roller in a very thin layer. Let the material dry for 30 Minutes and then wipe off any access moisture to ensure no staining in the Material surface. This can be done before or after application.

    Material: Slate-Lite Special Impregnator/ Pearl Protection and Spounge Roller

  3. Adhering

    It is advisable to wear rubber gloves while working with Slate-Lite. For a full surface adhesion apply the adhesive to the back of the material or to the surface on which it shall be glued to with a Flat Scraper. Now apply the sheet to the required possition and slightly press it onto the glued surface evenly to ensure no developement of bubbles which could be visible. If any adhesive has come out between the seems you can use the Slate-Lite Special Cleaner to rinse the same away. After 48 hours you can put full presure on the material.
    It is advisable for a full surface even translucancy to use a milky Acrylic Panel for your application.

    Material: Soudaseal MS Clear

    If required we can also assist in advising other possible adhesives.

  4. Cutting / Drilling

    The material can be cut and drilled with standard wood working materials. When cutting large amounts of material it is advisable to use diamond bladed tools.

    Material: Drill, Table Saw, Circular Handsaw, Jigsaw

  5. Corners

    To create corners the sheets should be cut to the correct form in the first step. Afterwards both pieces should be layed together edge to edge and fixed with packing tape over the complete seem to ensure tensile presure when bending the edge. Add the adhesive to the seem from the back side of the material and to the full sheets. After applying the material to the required area, the adhesive must have time to harden. Once the adhesive has hardened pull off the tape and slightly sand over the edge with a fine sandpaper. Depending on the requirement the corner can also be applied edge on edge and then sanded to the correct extent.

    If Masking Tape is used, please make sure, that no adhesive is left on the sheet. So please use tape with low adhesion and do not leave the tape on the surface for too long.

    Material: Packband, Schleifpapier

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