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How to use

How to work with EcoStone

The second to none advantage of Slate-Lite is the easy way to apply it. Practically everybody is able to process Slate-Lite and get convincing results by following some easy steps.

To gain the best results it is important to check the color of the received sheets at the beginning, so you can combine them in the best way to receive a beautiful pattern.

Keep in mind that the surface you are processing is a real and natural stone what involves to protect the surface. To do this we offer two different kinds of products: "Slate-Lite Impregnator" for low usages and the "Pearl Protection" for heavy use. You only need to follow the instructions of these products to have the best protection. How to cut Slate-Lite & Translucent: To cut our Slate-Lite and Translucent products you need nothing but a sharp saw or other regular tools to cut wood or stone.

  1. Preperation

    All sheets of Slate-Lite should be spread on a surface to check the vein of the material and be able to sort them to get an evenly distributed wall surface

  2. Protection

    To protect the natural stone surface apply the impregnator with a spounge roller in a very thin layer. Let the material dry for 30 Minutes and then wipe off any access moisture to ensure no staining in the Material surface. This can be done before or after application.

    Material: Slate-Lite Special Impregnator/ Pearl Protection and Spounge Roller

  3. Adhering

    Ecostone can be applied to surfaces with wood glue, glasfiber wallpaper glue, EasyGlue (sprayglue) and contact adhesives.

    Depending on the type of glue used apply the glue to the wall or to the Wall and sheet.

    When using the Contact adhesive the sheet must be applied accuratly, due to no adjustments can be made after the sheet is applied. With other adhesives adjustments are possible after first contact.

    Material: Wood Glue, Fiberglass Wallpaper Adhesive, EcoStone Easyglue (Sprayglue), Contactadhesive

    For other possibilities, please contact us.

  4. Cutting

    Ecostone can easily be cut with a carpet knife or scissors. To ensure an accurate cut use a guiding rail.

    Material: cutters, scissors

  5. Grouting / Joints

    It is advisable to work without a grouting joint when applying Ecostone.

  6. Corners

    Ecostone can be bent around edges once warmed up to at least 40°C. Ecostone can also be formed 3 dimensionally to a certain extent.

    Material: Heating Gun

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