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Stone Glass

Slate-Lite Glas

Slate-Lite GMVG Stone is a new way of showing how beautiful our slate veneers really are.

This product can be used in many different ways, for example as a shower door, counter top in the kitchen or even a table top. This beautiful glass is easy to maintain and a true eyecatcher in every room.

Slate-Lite Glass Specifications


GMVG Stone is a combination of premium white glass and a stone veneer. The combination of depth and structure of the stone and the glass surface reveals a whole new product.

This product is assembly-friendly and its optic compares to marble or granit, though being less than 10 mm thick. GMVG Stone is a very light-weight product with only ca. 16 kg/m² weight and a glass thickness of 6 mm.

Every object becomes unique. New movements and colours emerge when the light changes; this happens because of the liveliness of the slate and the cool smooth surface of the glass. Any colour decor can be chosen.

Security test with a metall ball on Slate-Lite Glass

The largest sizes for GMVG-Stone are 1200 x 2400 mm. All typical processes can be done afterwards, for example drilling, grinding and shaping. Even toughened glass can be used as a carrier. Because of the bondage of the stone veneer with the glass, GMVG Stone can be used for wet rooms and even outside. For further questions about GMVG Stone, please contact us: Contact form.

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